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East 9 at Pickwick

The Historic Pickwick Hotel was a Kansas City landmark that first opened in the year 1930.  Harry Truman used the hotel during the 1930s as a retreat to write his journal known as the “Pickwick Papers”, and the opening scenes of the movie “In Cold Blood” (based off of the Truman Capote book) were shot in the hotel’s lobby.  Despite the building’s rich history, it laid vacant for years prior to the historic renovation.  Our scope of work included metal stud framing, drywall hanging, and drywall finishing.  In addition to our standard drywall scope, we were also challenged with the task of revitalizing the existing plaster finishes in order to satisfy the job’s required historic renovation criteria.  Upon completion, the building consisted of a 7-story northern section which was converted into 45 units and an 11 story main tower which comprised an additional 215 units.

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